Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elephant Craft

This week I am home with the girls all day, every day, because it is spring break.  So, we are doing a lot more crafts and activities.  I read them two books I got from the library about elephants, than we made paper plate elephants.  The kids loved the fact that baby elephants use their trunks to hold onto their mommy's tails.  I told them it's for safety, like when I make them hold my hands in the parking lot.

The girls loved the movable trunks the best:
I thinks it's neat how different the elephants turned out:
The girls have played with these elephants all evening.  They love holding them in front of their faces and trumpeting like an elephant.  I believe this was the first time that we ever made grey paint, so now they know what happens when you mix black paint & white paint together.

For dinner I made pizzas out of biscuits into elephants.  I used one biscuit for the face and cut quarter circles out of another biscuit for the ears.  Then I cut long rectangles (as long as possible out of refrigerated biscuits) for the trunk.  The girls loved these.  I should have taken pictures, but I was actually quite hungry and the camera was all the way upstairs.  You'll just have to use your imagination.

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