Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Letter Hunts Continue ...

We are up to Gg on our letter hunts.  Catherine does a good job hiding them for Sabrina (as soon as she gets home from school Catherine wants to hide the letters for Sabrina, every day):

Catherine also does a good job of "helping" Sabrina find the letters.  If you only had one child, I think you could still have your child hide all the letters, then turn around and find them.  Catherine seems to like both sides of the task.
They really enjoy painting the letters I cut out:
Sabrina also had a sorting exercise with D's and E's:
To give Catherine something else to do while Sabrina is hunting for her letters (hopefully letting Sabrina actually do some of the hunt herself), I hid the numbers one through twenty all around the house.  She had to find them and place them in order.  This was an easy exercise but took her quite awhile.  I think it also strengthened her memory because she had to remember where the particular numbers were hidden around the house.
To help her with her vocabulary, I hid ten color words, ten animal words, and ten body part words.  Catherine had to find the words and put them on the correct poster.  Catherine did a great job with this exercised and knew all the words except for zebra.  I was somewhat impressed because I thought she would need help on more of the words.  When she reads to me she seems to struggle with her speed, which makes me think she does not know enough words by sight yet.
One of the most valuable aspects of our Letter of the Day exercises is tracing.   I have the girls think up as many words as they can which start with the target letter.  I write them out in crayon and the girls trace them with highlighters. It is amazing how many words we can think up.  Both girls are very good at tracing and this is helping Catherine's vocabulary.

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