Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

We were away all weekend, so we were exhausted.  But, the girls asked several times after dinner if we could do a Bible study.  We did not have the energy to do a full study, so I just picked out a quick craft. Robby told the girls that Jesus loved them, read them John 3:16, and we cut, taped, and colored.
We also sang the song a few times while we were doing this craft.
Catherine could read all the words (of course she knew the song), so she was so proud of herself: 
I was glad we did this craft.  I thought it would not be actually educational for them, but I think in the end it was.  Robby asked Catherine how she knows that Jesus loved her, and she said "because the song says so."  We had to explain that the Bible says that Jesus loves her and the song is based on the Bible.
If you want to do this craft, google "Itty Bitty Books."  There are tons of them - about animals, Bible stories, etc.  We have used them a lot.

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