Friday, July 12, 2013

Kennesaw History Museum

We took a field trip a long time ago to the Kennesaw History Museum.  But, I took pictures on my not-so-frequently-used camera, which just got uploaded to my computer.  We had a great time.  The museum's claim to fame is The General, a train which was stolen and then recaptured.  So, a lot of the tour dealt with train construction, maintenance, etc.
 The girls (and all the kids) loved touching the wooden gears:
 Sabrina in front of a replica of a train office:
Catherine following the train tracks painted on the ground:
After the tour of the museum, the tour guide gave us a demonstration of Civil War era clothes and toys:
 An old teapot:
 Afterwards, we had a demonstration of the weapons used.
Then all the kids were given pretend rifles, told to get in a line, and taught how to march like the infantry:
 Here the kids were trying to march in sync:
A great museum!

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