Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Swim Meet

Last week we had our first of five swim meets for the summer league.  It is Catherine's third year in "competitive" swimming and Sabrina's first.  They both did very well!

The pool we were at did not have a deep end, so the kids were only allowed to do "sit dives."  Also, I was late in ordering their uniforms, so we had to wear other bathing suits to the meet.  Oops on my part.  We have the new suits in now, but I will need to get them embroidered after the second meet.  Here is Sabrina's sit dive:
 Catherine during warm ups:
 Sabrina getting ready to start her freestyle event:
Swimming is not the most photogenic sport.  But I love this shot because Catherine is ... drum roll please ... using her arms and her legs while swimming!  That level of coordination took three years to accomplish:
And look, she is using her left arm too!  I was also extremely proud of Catherine because she swam down the center of the lane and did not even think about touching the wall or the rope!
 Sabrina in one of her many flirtatious poses:
 Sabrina getting ready to swim in her second event ... the back stroke!
 Her push off:
Sabrina's back stroke.  That's right, she hasn't figured out how to use her arms at the same time as she kicks.  Plus, she takes a fairly zig-zag route down the lane.  All the little kids do.
Poor Sabrina.  She actually swam the entire length on her back.  She was looking at the crowd and I know she wanted to flip over and finish freestyle, but she stuck it out and finished on her back. 
 Touching the wall at the end!

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