Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sabrina the Ham

The weather is finally turning nice ... spring in Atlanta usually starts a lot sooner than it has this year!  So, we took the girls for a bike ride.  Robby brought his camera, of course.  He asked Sabrina to stop and smile for the camera.  This was the result:
I was helping Catherine, who is insanely cautious (that's code for VERY SLOW and GETS OFF THE BIKE EVERY TEN FEET TO WALK IT AROUND A PEBBLE), so I did not see any of Sabrina's antics until we uploaded the pictures.

If you are wondering where her bangs are, just look on the floor of her bedroom.  They are in a pile next to the scissors she used to cut them off.

So while Sabrina was being silly for the camera, Catherine was a focused, serious cyclist:
I am so happy the weather is starting to turn warm!!

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