Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fernbank Natural History Museum

We took the girls to Fernbank Natural History Museum today.  Quick review: The kids' section was great.  The permanent exhibit was OK and the temporary exhibit was OK.  It is very pro-evolution.  Fortunately, we were able to go for free because we have a science museum nation-wide membership, so it was a great rainy afternoon activity for us.

I loved the live baby alligators:
 The girls loved the gigantic bubble makers:

They had a tornado-making machine, but it wasn't working well while we were there.  Catherine did think the lightning ball was cool:
The girls had a blast listening to the ocean in a shell:

In the Star Gallery, the girls laid on the floor and watched the constellations:
In the kids' section, Catherine played a type of "Connect Four" game:
 The kids' section had lots of crawling, climbing, areas:
Sabrina crossing a fake log over a fake pond.  In museums our kids are usually very excited so a lot of the pictures are of their backs:
 Sabrina dancing in the colored lights:
Catherine's favorite thing in the whole museum was the microscope.  She could put an item under the light, adjust the zoom and focus, and then look on a large video screen to see the item.  She spent at least an hour looking at the bugs in acrylic they had, all the coins we had in our wallets, her fingers, my ring, and her fingernails.  She wants to bring a bag of items from home for our next trip to this museum so she can look at them under the microscope.
Catherine with her "serious face" at the microscope.
It is a great museum to go to as part of a reciprocal program.  If we did not have the nation-wide membership, we would have paid $66 to go to this museum.  That's pretty high for the limited exhibits.  The IMAX movies are $13 each, which I think is also pretty high.  The Charlotte museum we went to a few weeks ago only charged $5 per IMAX movie. 

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