Friday, March 1, 2013

Medieval Times

We just finished a huge unit on the Middle Ages as part of our curriculum.  We studied knights, nobles, castles, the Crusades, the Hundred Year's War, the Black Death, Joan of Arc, etc.  The girls loved it.  So, to cap off our unit we took them to the Medieval Times dinner and show.  We had a blast.  The girls loved all the suits of armor they had:
 They thought it was funny that the restrooms were for "Lords" and "Ladies":
 We met the trumpeter:
 And the female trumpeter:
 We also met the "arena master," who is like an emcee:
 The girls in front of the thrones:
We did not pay the $30 fee to have your child knighted, but we watched several children get knighted:
There were lots of horses in the show:
 The arena master narrating the show:

 I loved all the "clothing" on the horses:
Each section of the arena was color-coded and had a knight assigned to it.  We were in the "red" section and this was our knight:
The "king" greeting the audience:
 The girls loved the king and his daughter, the princess.  They sat on a balcony above us:
A horse dancing on his back legs:
Dinner is included with the show: tomato soup, garlic bread, chicken, a pork rib, a baked potato, and an apple dumpling.  They give the kids the same thing as the adults, no matter how young they are.  Catherine's meal was wrapped up for us to take home.  No one gets utensils.  At first Sabrina was confused, but she soon loved eating with her fingers.  She even wanted to keep eating with her fingers for a few days after our trip.  The soup came in a bowl with a handle and you drank it.  I do not eat chicken, so they gave me vegetable lasagna instead.  I did get a fork, thankfully.
Some of the knights raced across the arena:
 All the knights getting ready for the jousting competition:
During the jousting section, the arena put netting in front of the audience.  The lances shattered during the fighting.  After the jousting, the knights fought with swords.

After each race, the knights throw carnations at the audience.  Catherine caught one & was thrilled!
In front of the drawbridge after the show:

We had a fabulous time!

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