Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Circus

Make a Wish gave us tickets to the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey circus.  We all had a fabulous time!  Before the show we went down to the floor and watched the performers up close:
 The girls got tattoos:
They loved being so close to the action:
 Meeting the clowns:
 The hula hoop girl:
 The trained dogs:
An elephant dunking a basketball:
 The elephant painting:
 His final product was quite abstract:
 The girls enjoyed the dance party with the clowns:

I am so glad that the circus has changed its format and now just has one big ring in the center.  I always hated trying to watch several different acts simultaneously.
Pyramids of people on horseback:
 A motorcycle on a tightrope, with acrobats hanging below:
The big cats:
 The cats growled and lunged at the trainer the whole time, barely cooperating:
These women hung from their hair.  This is one of the many things we had to tell the girls "you cannot do this at home!"
More acrobats:
Martial arts performers:
 A trained cat, crawling across a tightrope:
The cat riding a ball across two bars:
 This cat actually jumped into that pillow!
The teeter totter flippers are one of my favorite acts. 
 Some of them wimped out and wore safety wires:
 Some landed on chairs instead of their partner's shoulders:
 The elephants in a row:
We had a great time at the circus!

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