Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Wave Pool

The runaway highlight of our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge was the wave pool.  It is much smaller than a traditional wave pool in an outdoor water park.  But, I liked that better because it was only 2-3 feet deep (except in the very deep end, which was about 4 feet deep).  So, the girls could stand in it and then jump over the waves as they came.

The girls like to stand near the wall so they could grab onto the hand holds when they were floating away.
 Catherine jumping up as a wave came toward her:
 Neither one of the girls actually minded when the waves knocked them over:
 Robby with the girls:
 Facing the waves: 
The waves were on for five minutes, off for five minutes.  By the third day of the trip, Catherine was so exhausted that she would come sit on my lap, wrapped in a towel, during the waves' "off" periods. 
But no matter how tired they got, they both ran into the wave pool as soon as the warning bell rang that the waves were about to start:
 Waiting for the next wave:

I actually love wave pools so much more than the waves at the beach - clear water, no sand, no under tow ...
The girls have asked Robby to build a wave pool in our basement.  They have made many drawings of wave pools and have "created" wave pools for their princess figurines in large plastic tubs.  So, I think it was a hit!

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