Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Floating Pads

We saw this section of the indoor water park on the first day we were there, but I thought my girls would be too small to try them.  But, on the second day we were there, this section was empty so I let the girls try to cross the floating lily pads.  I was afraid they would take too long crossing and irritate the bigger kids.  Some of the older kids tried to run across the lily pads at full blast, frequently resulting in spectacular crashes.  But, my girls inched across:
 My girls took their time:
 It was cute trying to watch them wiggle the pads closer together:
Some of the more experienced kids actually hopped like frogs from pad to pad.  It was quite impressive to watch.  I tried to get my girls to try that method, but they wouldn't.
 Taking her time:
 Helping Catherine off the lily pad (some of them were decorated like pieces of wood):
 Sabrina getting advice from Daddy:
 They let parents stand in the water to help little kids:
 I loved that my kids were able to try something they had never done before!
After awhile the girls figured out how to use the ropes and walk across the pads:
 This was great exercise for their upper body:
 I had to sometimes push the floating pads closer to them:
 I am proud to say that my girls never fell off these pads:
 Although Sabrina got close one time:
Sabrina asking someone to help her because the first pad is too far out for her:
 In case you were wondering, adults are allowed on the floating pads:
 Robby did make it across:
 It's a good thing I photographed it, because he would not repeat his feat:

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