Wednesday, December 26, 2012

High Museum

We went there last year on a field trip, but the girls can only handle short visits to art museums.  So, my father and I took them there again on Christmas Eve.  We were pretty sad that the traditional art wing was closed and we could only see the modern, abstract art.  I just do not get it.  But, the girls seemed to enjoy running around.  They were impressed with how BIG some of the paintings were.  Sabrina looks tiny next to this wintery painting:
This is an example of one of the "abstract" pieces that I simply do not understand:
We were thrilled to this painting, because this piece was actually one of the ones which we studied in out art class with Georgia Cyber Academy!  This painting by Mark Rothko is another example of "abstract" art which I don't understand.  But, I was so excited that Catherine walked right up to it when we saw it in the museum.
In the basement of the High Museum they have a kids' craft area.  Sabrina made a fabric & sequin cupcake:
Catherine made a crown with sequins for her Barbie dolls:
One of the new exhibits is artwork by Thornton Dial, who took trash, painted it, and glued it into a rectangular shape.  Sabrina thought it was great:
I liked this picture, which seemed very peaceful to me:
Lastly, the girls loved the little yellow house which is outside the museum:
We had a blast!!

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