Thursday, December 27, 2012

Five Years!!

In honor of Sabrina's fifth birthday, here are some of our first pictures of her.  Her birth was scheduled initially for the first week in January 2008.  Robby spoke with our accountant and made me call the obstetrician to move her date of birth up a week.  This is why (the onesie says "TAX DEDUCTION":
Sabrina was born two days after Christmas, so we got this cute shot with her stocking:
Her first birthday and the traditional smash cake:
An early doctor visit, with Catherine performing a pre-examination while we wait:
Her 2nd birthday, we had a party with an Elmo theme:
Her 3rd birthday must have occurred, but I cannot find the pictures right now.  Ugh.  Oh well.  For her 4th birthday, we had a party with a Minnie Mouse theme:
And lastly, a picture of Sabrina and me chatting at our neighborhood pool this past summer:
Happy 5th birthday Sabrina!!

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