Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Catherine decided to be Dorothy.  This was no surprise, as she has been obsessed with the Wizard of Oz for about a year.  Sabrina wanted to be Minnie Mouse.  It turned out to be extremely (well, for Georgia) cold on Halloween, so we had to wear coats over their costumes.  Catherine included a stuffed black dog in her pumpkin to represent Toto.
 Sabrina actually kept her ears on the entire time!
 We are so blessed that the girls love each other so much!
 Our neighborhood Halloween party includes a "hay ride" on the back of a flat bed truck:
They love trick or treating.  Even Catherine, who has no interest in actually eating any of the candy she gets.
 They are both pretty social girls, so I think it is the chance to see so many people.

They actually got so much candy this year that we had to empty their plastic pink pumpkins half way through the evening!
Some of our good friends are serious Star Wars fans.  They dressed their daughter as Princess Leia and their twin boys as miniature Jedi knights.  They built a spaceship of some sort (I do not know the actual name) in their front yard.  This spaceship has four lights on it which you can flash from the "driver's seat."  All the kids loved this! 
When we came home, Sabrina said "It's a pretty good rocket ship, except it doesn't blast off."  Well, you just can't have everything!

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