Saturday, November 17, 2012

CC Thanksgiving Feast

Our home school group, Classical Conversations (CC), had a Thanksgiving Feast this week.  It was actually the first school-related Thanksgiving Feast our kids have ever attended.  We made Native American princess costumes out of beige tee shirts I bought at Goodwill.  The girls helped me paint basic designs on the costumes.  They were super cute!  (try to ignore the name tag in the middle of her costume)
 Sabrina would not stand still long enough for Robby to get a good picture:
After dinner, each class made a presentation.  Sabrina's class of 4-year-olds did a song with hand motions of the continents & oceans:
Catherine's class (I am the teacher) of six and seven-year-olds sang all of the noun endings for all five declensions of Latin.  Catherine and another boy pointed to each noun ending as the songs played. 
Behind the posters stood the other kids in the class, who sang along.  One of the moms of the kids held the posters for the class.
It was a great event!

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