Monday, September 3, 2012

Goal Post Construction

Robby likes to watch football, but we don't really watch it much together.  He watches it by himself for his "me time."  So, the girls had no idea what they were actually constructing this month at the Home Depot Kids' Workshop.
This was one of the easiest projects Home Depot has ever had.  All you needed was a screwdriver. Other than trying to balance the pieces while you were attaching them to each other, both girls were able to handle most of it.
After we finished, we assembled the paper footballs and taught the girls how to "kick" field goals with them. 
This Home Depot's Kids' workshop was so full that we had to sit on the floor, which was actually OK because we didn't have to worry about the girls falling off the tables.  They offered paint for your goal posts, but we decided to do that at home.  I don't like having wet paint projects in my car!

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