Monday, September 3, 2012

Cagle's Farm

Cagle's Farm recently hosted the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children to its corn maze and event for a weekend of fun. We had a great time!

I have never been to a corn maze before, so I don't know what they are normally like.  This one was very well done.  The paths were wide and well defined.  They had two mazes, one was 15-20 minutes and the other one was 30-45 minuted.  We took the shorter path.  It was very hot, so we chose not to do the longer one.  If we wanted to, we could have done the mazes several times.  They did have staff members wandering around in the maze to point people in the right direction.
I was shocked at how high the corn was - at least 3 feet taller than I am!  The girls pretended they were scarecrows!
 We also let the girls take turns picking which direction we should take each time we had a choice.
Cagle's also had a big "corn box" full of dried corn kernels and plastic tractors, bulldozers, etc.  We have no trucks at home, so the girls had a lot of fun playing in the corn box.  It was also one of the few areas which had a roof and, therefore, shade.

We had a blast on the gigantic whoopee cushions!
Sabrina is taking cheer leading this year and has to learn some jumps.  So I dug deep (seriously deep!) into my past and showed her a split jump:
 A tuck jump:
 And a side hurdle jump:
Catherine does not like being outside in the heat, so she spent a lot of time in the pavilion.  She got a bunch of dried corn kernels from the corn box.  We divided them up into groups of five and practiced skip counting.
They also had fun on the horsey-tire swings:
Cagle's also had a hay ride, farm tour, and some other things.  But, we didn't get to do all of it.  We did have a blast.  Cagle's was very well maintained with lots to do, a great staff and a beautiful, huge corn maze!