Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"I'm Honoring My Mother and Father!!"

Recently I borrowed a book from our church library called "Let's Chat About the Bible."  The book contains Bible stories written at a child's level with questions based on each story, as well as drawing connections between the Old Testament stories and New Testament truths.  Robby reads a story from this book almost every night.  We have enjoyed the great discussions encouraged by the book so much that we have actually ordered our own copy of it to own.

About two weeks ago, Robby taught the girls about the Ten Commandments.  The girls really pay attention during the lessons and he takes the time to answer all of their questions and explain any terms they may not understand.

A few days after that lesson, Catherine and I read a book about Noah and the Ark.  As that book opened, the text described that people disobeyed God.  The picture showed some people fighting and others stealing from a neighbor.  Catherine stopped reading to me and studied the picture.  She pointed to the theft and said "that person is not following the Ten Commandments.  He is taking something that does not belong to him."  I was so impressed that she remembered that not stealing was one of the Ten Commandments that I didn't have the heart to tell her that God did not deliver the Ten Commandments to Moses until much later than the Flood.

A few days after that incident, Robby taught them a lesson from Judges.  As he was reading the story he said "the people were worshiping idols."  Catherine immediately gasped and said "Uh-oh!  They shouldn't do that!" 

This morning Catherine woke up fairly sick.  We read for awhile and then she began projectile vomiting.  She was feverish and hot to the touch.  As I held her while she was sick, I asked Sabrina to get me another towel (the first was covered in vomit).  Sabrina promptly did.  Then I asked Sabrina to get me the baby wipes so I could clean Catherine's face and hands.  As Sabrina was walking down the hallway to the bathroom to get the baby wipes, she turned to me and said "I am honoring my mother and father because I am obeying you!" 

I am so glad that we are able to teach them these lessons and that we see evidence that they are learning and applying the lessons.