Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grocery Shopping with Sabrina

When I was working I almost always went to the grocery store alone.  It seems to be easier to do most errands without small children, so I went while the kids were in day care and school.  But, now that I am home with them most of the time, I have to do more errands with them.  Including the grocery store.

I prefer to have both kids ride in the cart as I shop, because it is easier to contain them.  Catherine usually remains fairly quiet and just watches.  Sabrina, however, adds a fun, exciting dynamic to grocery shopping.  She loudly proclaims the following statements:

Wait!  You just passed the ice cream!
We need Pringles!
Get some orange juice!
How come you didn't get me some cookies?
We are out of cereal!  Get some!
Look!  They have syrup!  We need that for waffles!
Daddy wants you to get some bananas!
We are out of cheese!  I love cheese!
Why did you pass the cake aisle?
They have Coke over there!

She has something to say in nearly every aisle.  She is neither subtle nor discreet about these requests.  Just about everyone else in the aisle hears her and chuckles.  I am so glad I can provide a brief moment of joy and laughter to complete strangers.

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