Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Our Girl Scout troop recently went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  They had a blast.  I gave them each a plastic bag, a pencil, and a list of items on a clipboard.  They had to find things like a brown leaf, blade of grass, acorn, flower petal, small rock, etc. 
 All the girls had fun:
 After the hunt, the girls waded in the creek:
 Catherine found another small rock to add to her collection:
 The girls got soaked:
 After the hunt, the girls found a "Big Chicken" painted with various game activities on it.
When we got home, both girls took out all of their items to show them to Robby.  Even a few days later they still like to pull out their plastic bags and look at their nature collection.

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