Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nature Hike

I grew up in a fairly wooded area on several acres.  Some people would call where I grew up as "country," although there was no semblance of farming done.  So, it is surprising how little we have exposed the children to nature.  Perhaps because Catherine has always been so unsteady and tires so easily, we have never taken them on a hike. 

But she is feeling better and has more energy, so we took them to a local park (East Cobb Park) and went on a nature hike with them.  The trails were well traveled.  Catherine loved the hike and wanted to be the "leader."
 I have no idea where Catherine learned this, but she picked out a stick (really a thin twig) to use "like hikers do:"
 Sabrina made a wiser choice for her walking stick:
 After the hike, we threw stones and sticks into a creek:
 The park has a fabulous playground, so afterwards we let them play:

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