Monday, April 23, 2012


Last week on our spring break we visited Colonial Williamsburg.  Perhaps it was too big for the girls, but I am not sure they enjoyed it as much as Jamestown.  The girls had fun at the farm:
These men demonstrated how they made lumber. 
 Here I am trying to explain to the girls what a plow is:
 Climbing on a fence to look at a some sheep and a lamb:
 Here's an example of Robby's macro-photography:
 The girls were so amazed at the horse poop in the middle of the street.  We made Catherine write an "essay" (3 sentences) on each place we visited.  For her Williamsburg essay, she wrote about the horse poop in the street smelling bad.
 The girls posing on steps while we waited to tour the Governor's Palace:
 In front of the Governor's Palace:
 The costumed interpreter explaining the mansion:
 I loved this table setting:
 We had fun in the living maze:
 The girls dancing on an outdoor stage we saw:
 The fife and drum parade:
 Sabrina visiting the milliner's shop:
One of the street performances was the news arriving of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  A man on a horse ran up the street and yelled to the crowd that the British had fired on the Minutemen near Boston and killed 8 of them.  This was especially exciting because Catherine has just read two books related to this battle:  Sam the Minutemen and George the Drummer Boy.  Both are about school aged boys, one on the Minutemen side and one on the British side.  I am not sure why that woman was carrying a chicken around as she was participating in this street performance: 
The actors got the crowd to shout out "God Save Virginia!"  One of the other actors yelled out his support of the British, so they decided to tar and feather him.  They wrangled him to this stake and dipped a mop looking thing into black tar.  At the last minute, the man decided to apologize, so they didn't tar and feather him.  When I tried to explain to the girls what tar and feather meant, Catherine concluded that "they are turning him into a bird."
The best part of Williamsburg was the kid's house, which contained a big pile of dolls and clothes.  The girls could have played there for hours:
 They also enjoyed some of the outdoor activities from that time period:

We had a lot of fun in Williamsburg, but it is huge.  We had a stroller, but it was still very spread out and there is a lot to see - way too much for one day.

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