Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rally on the Runway

Every year, the Rally Foundation does a fabulous fund raiser called Rally on the Runway, held at Bloomingdale's in Lenox Square.  The event features about a dozen girls who are fighting or have survived cancer.  Last year Catherine was a "model," which meant that she had a mini makeover and was escorted down the aisle by an Atlanta Falcon.  She had an absolute blast last year.

This year Catherine was invited back as an "alumni model."  She was so excited.  As soon we drove into the Bloomingdale's parking lot, Catherine started screaming  that we were at "her" fashion show.  Both she and Sabrina had their make-up done by the professionals there:
 They loved every second of having their make-up done:
 I wish they always sat this still:
 All the alumni models wore jeans and a special pink "Rally on the Runway" tee shirt:
 Catherine has such a sly smile at times:
On the rare days when I do my make-up in the morning, the girls love to come get some powder on their faces.
After this year's class of models and the Atlanta Falcons did their walks, the alumni models were introduced, one at a time.  Catherine strutted her stuff, using "princess hands:"
All the girls ate up all the attention (who wouldn't love walking down an aisle full of people clapping & cheering for you?):
When Catherine got to the end of the runway, she turned around and blew a kiss to the crowd.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of it.  But, Catherine has asked me several times if I "caught" her kiss.  She has also asked us if we clapped and cheered for her.  Of course everyone there claps and cheers for all the girls. 

It is such a heartwarming event.  Several of the girls are bald due to chemotherapy.  Some of the girls, including Catherine last year, are so tiny that the professional football players have to bend down ridiculously low just to hold the girls' hands.  The contrast of the tiny little girls, many who look so fragile, and the healthy muscular men is stunning. 
Kudos to the Rally Foundation for a fabulous event and thank you for including my daughter again!

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