Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monkey Joe's

Recently the Monkey Joe's in Duluth opened up their facility for a private event for just cancer kids and their families.  Camp Sunshine helped host this event.  It was such a treat.  Instead of a crowded facility, there were less than 20 kids there.  The staff let the parents get on the equipment with the kids, which made it a lot safer.  The smiles on all the slides were huge:
 Kids just let it all hang out on these huge slides, don't they?
 Maybe Robby's face shows more of a grimace then a smile:
 My black shiny pants were slick and helped us speed down the slides:

Because there were so few kids there, there were no lines.  The only thing that slowed down the kids' sliding was the time it took them to climb up the ladders.
I also loved that there were so few kids that my girls often had the bounce houses completely to themselves.  Usually there are 6-8 kids in one of those, all of which are bigger than my girls.  I am terrified that a collision will occur and a bigger child will slam into my kids, so I tell my girls to stand in the corner of the bounce house and bounce there.

Here they were the only two kids in the bounce house, so they could run (and I mean run) back and forth across the bounce house:
They both loved this:
 They screamed out "ready, set, go" and pretended to race across the bounce house:

 They also did laps around the outside of this circular bounce house:
After running across the bounce house, they would fall into the edges, laughing every time:
 I had no idea that Monkey Joe's had a mascot, but he made an appearance at the event:
Sabrina waving to us while Robby and I sat and rested (these bouncy inflatable things are actually a work out!).
Thanks to Camp Sunshine and the Duluth Monkey Joe's for hosting this fabulous event!

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