Sunday, February 12, 2012

Space Day

Catherine has asked me to do a lesson on the planets.  A few weeks ago, I rented a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about the planets (I only let them watch dvd's in the car and they sadly spend a good 30-60 minutes a day in the car, so we go through a lot of dvd's).  Catherine said she wanted to learn more about the planets, and was actually able to name a few of them, just from watching that video.

It is not part of the science curriculum which Georgia Cyber Academy gave us, but I found some Do-A-Dot pages for each of the planets.  We made "planet books:"

 Catherine frequently makes silly faces and poses when I take her picture.  So, Sabrina does too:
Then, we used chalk on black construction paper to try to draw the solar system.  I think they understood the concept of "orbiting:"
It amazes me how special papers become if I staple them together and make a cover page with the words "Sabrina's Planet Book:"
Our plans for that day were to go to the Planet puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  The girls loved the last puppet show and I was sure they would love this one.  But, a tenth of the mile down the road I realized I had a flat tire.  I could not even begin to tell you how to change a tire, so I called Robby.

We just bought this car (well, six months ago) and so neither one of us had any idea how to change the tire.  First Robby had to read the owner's manual:
Then we (well, he) had to crawl on the ground to unhook the spare tire from under the front seat of the car.  At least the weather was good and the flat tire occurred during the day.
Sadly, we were unable to go to the puppet show.  By the time Robby got to the neighborhood from work and changed the tire, the show was over.  Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men ...

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