Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Word Lists, Tracing

The curriculum we are using (Georgia Cyber Academy) does not include any kind of spelling list or vocabulary list for first grade.  But, Catherine asked for it.  So, each week we come up with a list of words for her to learn.  She loves choosing the topic (body parts, items of clothing) and thinking of words for her to learn.

I am keeping a journal of our spelling lists.  I also keep a list of all the vocabulary words which we learn in other studies.  For example, for Health we read a book about feet.  The new terms she learned were heel, arch, sole, etc.  In Language Arts, we learned poet, stanza, alliteration.

She refers to the "Word List Book" all the time.  Sometimes when she is writing a story, she will know that the word she wants to spell is on a particular word list and will go look it up.  I also make up fill-in-the-blank and labeling worksheets, using magazine pictures for inspiration, to help reiterate the words.
 This was one of the more fun worksheets I made up for her:
Sabrina also loves to trace.  She still finds school exciting and runs down the hall to show us her completed work:

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