Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Many of my friends tell me that their children love playing games on the computer.  We do not own any type of video game system and I have never let them play games on the computer.  But, Catherine learned how to play on Starfall and PBS Kids during her computer class at school. 

I needed to find something to keep Sabrina occupied while Catherine and I did reading or some other type of quiet, focused activity.  So, I taught Sabrina how to use the Starfall web site.  She had never used a mouse or keyboard before, but she was a quick learner.  If she didn't know what to do, she just pushed any key she could find. 

The first time I let her get on the Starfall web site she was on there for three hours!  We had to pull her away from it to eat dinner.  Halfway through dinner, Sabrina asked if she can go back to play Starfall some more.

 I need to leverage this "Starfall addiction" to manipulate them!

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