Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sparklers on the Deck

One of the things I love about young children is that small, cheap, 5 minute activities can be the thrill of their life.  It is so easy to please my girls!  Catherine has had kind of a rough day because she has an impaction in her colon so we had to give her an enema.  We have to literally hold her down, etc.  It is a traumatic experience and I am so glad that next week we will have a better solution after her surgery.

As a result of the need to try to relieve this impaction, we had to miss Wednesday night church.  When I told Catherine, she just bawled.  Then Sabrina wanted to join me in the jacuzzi bathtub.  Catherine wanted to also, but we couldn't let her because of fecal leakage.  Again, she bawled.

So, I suggested we do a really fun thing and play with sparklers on the deck.  We have never done this before, but Catherine thought the idea was "awesome."  Again, she had no idea what I was talking about, but had concluded it was "awesome."  I wish I was so positive about the unknown.

We let Catherine go first.  We have actually had these sparklers for months.  I have no idea where we got them, but they were the super long kind.  We felt like they would be safe enough for our little kids.  The girls had a blast.  We only had 6 sparklers, so this thrill was short-lived.
We were already in pajamas when we decided to have sparkler fun.  Don't you love Catherine's Santa slippers?
 It did not take long for Catherine to figure out you can wave the sparkler back and forth really fast:
 Sabrina having fun too:
This was the first time we attempted to photograph this, so it was a learning experience.  We could either get the girl or the sparkler, but not both in one picture.
Sabrina, watching her sparkler start to burn:
 Finally, both girls on the deck:
I was so happy that we were able to cheer Catherine up tonight.  Thank God for simple pleasures!

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