Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Music Class

I often wonder if I truly have no musical talent or if it was never nurtured in me in my childhood.  I guess that is the perennial "nature v. nurture" debate. But, now that I am homeschooling my kids I know that there are certain areas I have to seek outside help to teach my kids. 

We have gone to Camp Sunshine for years and enjoy their programs.  Before Catherine was in kindergarten, we were regular attenders of their Music Class.  We had to stop for a year because she was in school.  Now, we can be more flexible and was able to attend today.  As always, the kids had a blast:
 They love to dance while the teacher, Berne, plays the guitar:
One of the little boys, Gus, came with his little 14 month old sister.  Gus reminds me of where we were 3 years ago.  He has just finished his treatment for meddullablastoma and his parents welcomed a new baby in the midst of his treatment too.  Catherine has recently developed a love for babies and wanted Audrey to dance with her:
Catherine did everything she could do get Audrey to hold part of the fabric ring:
 Marching in a circle:
 Sabrina dancing with a scarf:
 Of course you could put a bunch of scarves around your waist and make a tutu:
 Playing with the instruments:
 Catherine wasn't feeling very well, so she did her drumming while reclining:
 Sabrina saw her sister laying on the floor pillows and followed suit:
So much fun!

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