Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowman Napkin Holder

We missed last month's project, but was able to make it to Home Depot's Kids' Workshop this month. The project was snowman napkin holders.  I am not sure what Sabrina is hammering, since we had not even opened the kits yet:
 We are trying to make the children more independent, so we made them open the kits themselves this time:
 Catherine's carpentry skills are really coming along.  She was able to do almost all of the project herself:
 Robby helped Sabrina with her assembly:

I made Catherine read the instructions (although I think she mostly just looked at the pictures) and try to figure out how to assemble the project on her own.  To my pleasant surprise, she was able to do so:
I loved this project because it included a set of stickers, which the girls love.  I don't like when they include painting, because then we have to figure out how to get a wet project home in the car. 
 The girls has such a blast picking out scarves, smiles, buttons, and eyeballs out of the sticker selection:
I liked this project so much that I asked them for another set of kits.  I want to test the girls and see if they can do it on their own.  My plan is to wait a week and see if they can do the project again.  I truly love the Home Depot Kids' Workshops!!

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