Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Pajamas

We have very few traditions in our house.  I think it is because our life has always been so chaotic that we just have not had the ability to create and sustain a lot of traditions.  But, one small one we have been able to do is give the girls matching pajamas on Christmas Eve and take pictures of them in front of the hearth.  Even though we have done this for several years, I think neither of them knew what was in the present they were opening on Christmas Eve:
 This year they got flannel princess nightgowns:
I love the "side chokes" during the hugging:

 Holding hands:
The princess pajamas were on clearance, so I also bought them matching fairy nightgowns.  While Catherine was still changing her pajamas, Sabrina did some posing:
More hugs & giggles:
One of my favorites:
 After they put out cookies & milk for Santa:

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