Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

Santa always eats the cookies, drinks the milk, and leaves a "thank you" note next to the presents he leaves.  Here are the girls finding the note:
 Sabrina is so excited about getting a Belle doll:
Catherine does not seem happy, but she truly does love books. Santa gave her a book of Disney fairy stories.
 Sabrina got a book about animals & their habitats:
 Both got another set of Play-Doh, which they love:
I love the sisterly body language.  Catherine turned her back on her sister to open the gift in "private."  Sabrina was so curious:
 Santa filled the stockings with girly things (perfume, body spray, hair scrunchies, neon colored band-aids):
Catherine helping Grandpa open some tools he picked out from Home Depot (all I did was pay for them & wrap them; I don't even know what they are):
 Both girls helping Robby open some new frying pans:

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