Sunday, October 9, 2011

Publix Tour

Catherine's Girl Scout troop recently took a tour of Publix.  We go there every week, so it is mind boggling to me how much the children love this tour.  They were so excited and fascinated.  Here are the girls in front of the pumpkin display:
 Checking out the items available at the deli:
 Squealing over the live lobster, wiggling:
 The most exciting part ... the walk in freezer!
One of the other moms wisely took a video of this scene.  The girls kept running in and out, screaming and laughing.  They loved the walk-in freezer!
 The produce department gave us samples of fresh pineapple:
 The tour included the "mop room:"
 A lengthy discussion of squash v. guords v. pumpkins:
 We ended the tour with balloons and goody bags:

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