Sunday, October 9, 2011

Police Station Tour

Yesterday Catherine's Girl Scout troop took a tour of a local police station.  As always, it is amazing to me how fascinated the kids are in what we consider "boring" stuff.  They had a blast and requested that we tour the fire station next.

The first thing the Officer showed us was the two holding cells they have.  All the girls walked in and we shut the door.  They giggled and screamed!
I am not sure how the kids know what "jail" is, but they all jokingly screamed out "Let me out of jail!"
 The Officer passed around handcuffs, which the girls found interesting:
The second most fascinating part of the tour was playing in the police car.  Catherine was delighted to pretend to drive it:
The Officer showed Sabrina where the siren button was, so she kept pushing it and pushing it until we had to pull her out of the driver's seat.
 The Officer demonstrated the use of the Tazer gun; he just "shocked" the air.
The girls all liked to pile into the backseat of the police car, whcih had bars on the windows:
 Sabrina thought it was so funny to be trapped in the back seat:
 Here's a group shot:

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Anji Mabon said...

This was a fun day! Your shots are great... I don't even remember you taking pictures!