Monday, September 5, 2011

Letter S Study

Today was Labor Day, so there was no school.  The girls asked if we could play "homeschool."  I asked them what they wanted to do, and they said they wanted to do another letter study.  We had stopped our letter studies at M, so I was going to do N.  But, they both said they wanted to do S.  So, we started by painting upper and lower case S's:
 The girls loved using the new metallic paints Catherine just got for her birthday.
Catherine could come up with tons of words that start with the letter S.  Sabrina didn't seem to understand what I was asking, as every word she kept saying did not start with S. 

I wrote tons of words that started with an S for Sabrina to trace with a pink highlighter.  For Catherine, I wrote a list of words and made her copy them onto lined paper.
 The last activity we did was a letter sorting activity with yellow dot stickers:
Here is Sabrina's final product.  She had to be guided through the whole process.  I am not entirely sure she understood the concept of sorting.  She put some stickers on top of others, some sideways, etc.
Catherine's final product was (to my utter delight!) far more orderly.  She did the letters in order: first all the S's, then the Ts, etc.  I had only given her 4 X's and she asked me for an extra one, so all the "letter boxes" would be the same.

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