Monday, September 5, 2011

Dry Erase Boards

On the first Saturday of every month we go to the Home Depot Kids' Workshop.  In September the project was "dry erase boards."  This was by far the hardest project so far, but the kids LOVE the end result more than any project we have done so far.  The kids love being able to draw & erase in their car seats.

It was actually kind of tricky getting the frame for the dry erase boards assembled:
 I was quite impressed at how well Catherine could use a screwdriver:
 Sabrina added glue, even when unnecessary:
 Robby had to help (well, take over) to get Sabrina's frame assembled:
 Before Sabrina even finished her project, Catherine was already writing on her board:
The girls loved their final projects.  I am so glad they decided to paint them at home, so we would not risk getting wet paint in my new car. 

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