Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls in Action

The name "Girls in Action" sounds so exciting.  When I told Catherine she would be doing Girls in Action this year on Wednesday nights at our church, she screamed "Yeah!," even though she (and I) had no idea what that meant. 

A few weeks later I was recruited to be one of her teachers.  I still had no idea what Girls in Action would be doing.  But, I am one of Sabrina's teachers on Sunday morning so I felt like I should participate in Catherine's church activities too.  Plus, I would love to observe how my children interact with their peers.

The first week of GAs (as Girls in Action is called) was a "Glam Up for God" program.  The girls had their hair, make-up and nails done.  Plus, they had glamour photos taken and got some candy.  Catherine, and all the other girls, loved it. 

The next 2 weeks we played games and learned about sports missionaries in a classroom.  Not so exciting.  Then this week they had the formal "commencement" ceremony.  All the parents attended and a real live missionary from China spoke.

Some of the girls got to light pink and purple candles.  Catherine was selected and loved to participate in the ceremony:

Here is the GA pledge:
I sure hope Catherine loves this program!

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