Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snow White at Our Table

I loved it when Snow White came to our table because she was incredibly animated and very talkative.  She and Catherine struck up an immediate conversation about the names of all the dwarfs:

 Sabrina requesting a kiss on the hand:

 Her lipstick kisses were BRIGHT red:

 Even her dress can twirl:

Even after she came to our table to greet us, the princesses wandered around the restaurant to spend a little more time with the children.  I had always heard that character meals were booked way in advance and they were hard reservations to get.  However, we got these reservations about a week before our trip.  The restaurant was only about a third full.  Of course the meal is very expensive ($40 per adult and $23 per child), so that keeps the crowds down.

 My girls were so enamored by Snow White's cape that they used the red cloth napkins as their own capes:
 You can see how empty the restaurant was in these pictures.

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