Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ariel at Our Table

The last princess to visit our table was Catherine's current favorite (it changes frequently), Ariel.
We had met Ariel just two days earlier at the Magic Kingdom.  She remembered the girls and reminded them that Catherine is about to have an Ariel birthday party next month.
 Catherine reminded Ariel that Prince Eric was with her the last time they met each other.

 Robby wanted a picture with Ariel:
 Even Ariel's dress can twirl:

 The girls are spinning around too:
Towards the end of the lunch, the children were encouraged to go stand by their favorite princess.  Then all the princesses and the children had a "princess procession" throughout the entire restaurant.  Catherine took Ariel by the hand:

 It was so cute when the children and princesses waved at the adults sitting at the tables:

 Curtseying to Ariel:
 Sabrina gets a last hug from Ariel:

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