Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's Inside??

Saturday we did something we have never done with the girls.  I think boys might find this more interesting than girls, but I thought we'd give it a try.  Robby has a stack of electronic equipment in our basement which does not work (I have suggested he trash this stuff but have lost that argument). 

So, to introduce the kids to the world of electronics and technology, Robby opened a DVD player and showed them what was inside.

The girls loved touching the circuitry and wires which were inside.  Surprisingly, while Robby was showing them how the DVD player spun the DVD around, he actually inadvertently repaired the machine.  What an unexpected treat!
Catherine was quite interested in the pink screwdriver and the screws.  I was shocked when she said "Mommy, it's a magnet!"  I had no idea she knew what a magnet was and was able to figure out that the screwdriver had a magnetic tip.

I would definitely suggest you try playing What's Inside?? with your kids if you have any broken technology around your house.  My girls only had about ten minutes of attention span, but they both were interested.  I was quite impressed when Sabrina told my father the next day that the DVD spins "round and round inside."  I am continuously humbled by their memories and their ability to learn.

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