Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swim Meet Three

This week Catherine competed in her third swim meet (well, "compete" might be kind of a strong word for her).  She did very well and had a blast.  In addition to writing her name on her shoulder so everyone can identify her, Robby wrote a little message to her fellow swimmers:
She is still unwilling to consider using the starting blocks, which are about as tall as she is, so she "sit-dives" to enter the pool:
 Her sister observing:
The swim meets require a lot of volunteers.  Robby was the "lane coordinator" for lane three.  He held the heat list in his hand and had to make sure the right child was swimming at the right time (there are 86 events, and some of them have several heats).  It was a fairly intense job, but he enjoyed it.
 Catherine is swimming her little heart out:
 Taking a breath (she basically stops and treads water for a few seconds):
 She has finished her heat:
 Here's another shot of Robby reading a child's back to make sure he is the right swimmer:
 Catherine wanted to hug her sister when she was done, but Sabrina did not want to get wet:

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