Saturday, April 9, 2011


I remember Catherine's two year old check-up very well, even though it was over three years ago.  The pediatrician asked me if Catherine could pump herself on a swing.  I was shocked and saddened because Catherine was no where close at that time to pumping herself on a swing.  At that time I didn't think she even knew she should try to pump.

It was a humbling moment for me, when I was confronted with the reality that my child had developmental delays.  Since that time we have dealt with so much I no longer thought about her swinging.  She loves to swing and I just walk out to our swingset and push her.

Yesterday I sent the girls out on the deck to play with our sand table and the water tub.  I stayed in and cleaned the kitchen.  When I was done, I went out to check on them.  I was shocked to see Catherine was not on the deck.  She was down on our playground, swinging.  She had managed to get herself up in the bucket swing, get it buckled, and had pumped herself to swinging.  All by herself.  I almost started crying.  I was so impressed.

I said "Catherine, look at you!"   She said "Mommy, you should clap for me!  I am swinging all by myself!"  Of course, I clapped. 

Now I can stay on the deck while Catherine plays on the swing all by herself.  It is so awesome. If only Sabrina can figure out how to pump a swing by herself ...

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