Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joseph and His Coat

These Bible study posts are out of order, partly because we traveled in February and partly because I was unable to blog for a little while. Plus, I temporarily lost my box full of Bible study craft & lesson ideas. But we have been doing them. So, bear with me as they are published out of order.

I love how intensely the girls listen to the stories.
For the story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat, I used a worksheet of a coat and we glued fruit loops for a design:
Sabrina of course ate about as many fruit loops as she glued: 
Sometimes I debate the value of doing these stories.  This is one lesson when I wonder if we should spend the time on it. There doesn't seem to be much theological about this Bible story. And there are some questionable parts ... Joseph's dad loving him more, his brothers hating him and selling him into slavery. And, with Jesus being the only path to Heaven, does this story even matter? But, the kids love these Bible projects we have been doing (and I want them to love the Bible) and it does give them a concrete lesson about a multi-colored coat.


Tina said...

I love seeing the pictures of them so intently listening to Robby. Way to go Robby for being the leader and you can tell the girls are so blessed by that! Awesome!

Victoria said...

Tina - this was the one craft where all the boys wanted to participate, including Braedon. Normally we have to beg the boys to do the craft. I assume it was the food. I copied this craft idea directly from Lil'K.

Aunt Penny said...

Looks cute! Where did you get the template for the coat?