Friday, April 8, 2011

Governor's Mansion

Yesterday we toured the Georgia Governor's Mansion, down on Paces Ferry Road.  It was very nice.  Here are the girls in front of the mansion (it was very sunny):
The girls in front of one of the rooms.  I had to remind them in every single room "Do not cross the rope,  Do not hang on the rope.  Do not move the rope.  Do not touch the rope."  I felt like a broken record, but then again I feel that way all the time.

I also made them tell me something they liked about each room and what the purpose of the room is.  They only looked at the room for two seconds before saying something like "couch" or "lamp."  One of the rooms you can see is the "Guest Powder Room."  In that room you could only see the sinks and a chair (the actual toilet is off to the side in an area which is not visible).  When I asked the girls what that room was for, Sabrina screamed out "to go tee-tee!"
 Leaving the mansion:
 The Governor's side yard:
 The Governor's pool:
Catherine asked me if she could go swimming.  I told her that she had to become Governor first.  She said "you mean a girl governor?"  I said "sure!"

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