Friday, April 8, 2011

Giraffe Sudy

This week I am trying to do some extra things with the girls because they are off this week.  So, we have been studying one animal per day.  As part of our giraffe study, we made giraffe pictures out of dried pasta:

I also made a strawberry with chocolate chunk dessert in the (sort of) shape of a giraffe:

And the girls had a giraffe-shaped pepperoni appetizer for dinner:

We read two books earlier in the day about giraffes.  The fact that the girls found the most satisfying is how the giraffes had to spread their legs out and bend down all the way to the ground to drink water from a lake.  We poured some water in a bowl and the girls tried to drink it like they are giraffes:
 They thought this was hysterical and did it over and over again.

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