Friday, March 5, 2010

Animal Poster

I found this activity on the internet and printed out the category labels and the animal cards. I pre-cut all the items for Catherine and had her glue all of the animals under the correct category. (It is kind of hard to see, but the categories are At the Zoo, On the Farm and In the Ocean. There were 9 animals for each category). I did not think she would know where all of these animals went, but she did. I was quite impressed.

Catherine loved the poster she made and showed it to Robby as soon as he got home. Then, this morning while we were getting ready, Sabrina carried it into our room and laid it on the ground. Catherine and Sabrina both laid on the ground and started talking about all the animals. It was really cute to watch Catherine telling Sabrina what each animal was.

I might have the girls color the animals tonight to get a little more mileage out of this project. I bought the poster board at the dollar store for fifty cents and got the print outs for free.

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