Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memory Lane

I have always loved this picture! Is there anything sweeter than a baby falling asleep on you?
I am not sure when this picture was taken, although there are two clues. I remember the day when I took it and it occur ed in our Smyrna house. We moved to Marietta in Sept. 2007, so Catherine was less than a year old in this picture. I also recognize the outfit. It was one of her "NICU outfits."
The first few weeks we were not allowed to put Catherine in clothes in the NICU. Eventually, they let us dress her. But, the rules in the NICU were that the outfits had to have short or no sleeves, buttons down the front, no zippers, and no legs. These rules were to accommodate all the wires and tubes which are attached to the babies. We found outfits that matched their criteria at Macy's and bought a bunch in the newborn size. Catherine wore those "newborn" clothes for almost her entire first year, because she grew so slowly.
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