Friday, October 16, 2009

The Look of Awe

Some of my absolute favorite pictures are not of the things we do, but of the expressions on my children's faces at the events. Both of these pictures are from our Disney trip. I would never have thought to take these shots, but Robby did, and I am so glad he did!

The first pictures is of Sabrina watching the Barney concert from her stroller. I wasn't even sure we should attend the Barney concert because we had spent the last few months before the trip watching Disney stuff to teach the children about Mickey and the princesses. I thought the girls may have forgotten who Barney was. I was so wrong - both girls were bursting with awe and excitement during the whole concert.

This precious picture is of Catherine waiting to meet the princesses for the SECOND time. The first time she wore her Cinderella costume; the second time she came as Belle. We had tostand back and wait until the other children were through visiting with the princesses. I love pictures where you can just feel the excitement in the child!
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