Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chatting With Santa

Recently we went to "Milk and Cookies with Santa," hosted by the Rally Foundation (which raises money to fun research for a cure for pediatric cancer).  It was a fabulous event.  I love that it is small enough that the girls got to chat, I mean really chat, with Santa:
 They talked for a LONG time on his lap:

Catherine told me that Santa assured her that she was on the Nice List.  I wondered why I was not consulted about that determination.  But, Catherine did seem quite relieved.

 I love these shots so much more than the posed ones we normally get!
 Catherine's folded arms ... which we see all the time:
 No surprise, but Sabrina was her smily, giggly self:
I think they were chatting about how dirty Sabrina's arm was from the crafts she had been doing:

 Sabrina is so excited!  I have no idea why, but it is great to see the joy on her face:
 Santa brought a special treat ... his dog!
 It was an eight week old Poodle - Labrador mix:
 Sabrina worked up the courage to actually pet the dog:
And then freaked out when the dog stood up:
 Santa's wife, Mrs. Claus, also came.  Catherine had lots of questions for her:

The event had several stations for making crafts.  In addition, there was a wrapping station.  So, the kids made crafts, had them wrapped, and gave them to Santa:
 This was our fourth party of the day, so Catherine decided to lay down in her party dress:
Thank you Rally for a fabulous time!

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