Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Lion to Guard Us

Catherine's literature curriculum requires that we pick four novels and read them.  This is our first one, and is proving to be far more interesting than the reading that is in her actual literature book.  For each chapter, she has vocabulary, questions, and a writing assignment.  After every five chapters, she takes an online test. 

I have never read this book and have enjoyed reading it with her.  She is still a slow reader, so we alternate reading pages out loud.  This book is A Lion To Guard Us by Clyde Robert Bulla:
The book opens in London in the 1600's.  The three Freebold children and their mother live with a wealthy family, as servants.  Their father has gone to Jamestown, Virginia, to start a new life for them.  The mother dies and the children decide to go to Virginia by themselves.

There is quite a bit of action in the novel as the children have to get on a ship and sail across the Atlantic Ocean.  They survive some storms and eventually crash into Bermuda.

This is a great novel to really teach the children what it must have been like to be an American colonist.  These types of "living history novels" are so much more interesting and effective than mere textbooks!

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